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Name Description Contact Last change  
cookutils Utils to cook SliTaz packages Christophe Lincoln 5 days ago
fbs Framebuffer Boot Splash toolkit Christophe Lincoln 2014-05-02
flavors SliTaz Cooking flavors Christophe Lincoln 6 weeks ago
flavors-stable SliTaz Stable flavors Pascal Bellard 2012-05-08
get-scripts SliTaz scripts to get extra packages Pascal Bellard 7 days ago
mediabox CGI/SHell and HTML5 MediaBox Christophe Lincoln 4 weeks ago
seb SliTaz Embedded OS Builder Christophe Lincoln 8 days ago
slish SliTaz SHell on demand Christophe Lincoln 2014-02-01
slitaz-arm SliTaz ARM Tools and files Christophe Lincoln 3 weeks ago
slitaz-base-files SliTaz base files Pascal Bellard 3 weeks ago
slitaz-boot-scripts SliTaz boot scripts Christophe Lincoln 7 weeks ago
slitaz-configs SliTaz configuration files Christophe Lincoln 3 days ago
slitaz-dev-tools SliTaz Developers Tools Christophe Lincoln 9 days ago
slitaz-doc SliTaz system doc Christophe Lincoln 3 days ago
slitaz-doc-wiki-data SliTaz documentation wiki content Christopher Rodgers 2012-03-20
slitaz-forge SliTaz Forge Config Eric Joseph-Alexandre 4 days ago
slitaz-modular Scripts to make SliTaz Modular Christopher Rodgers 12 months ago
slitaz-pizza SliTaz Pizza Cooker Christophe Lincoln 13 days ago
slitaz-tools SliTaz Tools and Tinyutils Christophe Lincoln 2 weeks ago
slitaz-vz SliTaz OpenVZ integration Eric Joseph-Alexandre 2012-03-26
spk SliTaz Packages Toolset Christophe Lincoln 5 weeks ago
ssfs SliTaz Secure File Storage Christophe Lincoln 2 months ago
sts SliTaz Tiny/Touchscreen Screen desktop Christophe Lincoln 2014-05-26
sup SliTaz User Packages Christophe Lincoln 11 days ago
tazbug SliTaz Bug Tracker Christophe Lincoln 4 weeks ago
tazcraft Minecraft tools for SliTaz GNU/Linux Kayam Vazquez-Lincoln 4 days ago
tazinst SliTaz Installer Dominique Corbex 5 weeks ago
tazirc SliTaz IRC Toolset Christophe Lincoln 2 months ago
tazlito SliTaz Live Tool Pascal Bellard 7 weeks ago
tazpanel SliTaz Administration Panel Christophe Lincoln 6 weeks ago
tazpkg SliTaz Packages manager Christophe Lincoln 5 weeks ago
tazusb SliTaz LiveUSB utility Eric Joseph-Alexandre 7 weeks ago
tazweb SliTaz Web Browser Christophe Lincoln 10 days ago
tazwok SliTaz Packages builder Christophe Lincoln 12 months ago
tiny-slitaz Tiny SliTaz Project Pascal Bellard 5 weeks ago
tinycm Tiny Content Manager Christophe Lincoln 4 days ago
website SliTaz Website Christophe Lincoln 4 hours ago
wok SliTaz Cooking wok Christophe Lincoln 3 days ago
wok-backports SliTaz Backports Wok Eric Joseph-Alexandre 3 months ago
wok-next SliTaz Cooking 6.0 wok Aleksej Bobylev 4 days ago
wok-stable SliTaz Stable wok Christophe Lincoln 3 months ago
wok-tiny Tiny SliTaz wok Pascal Bellard 6 weeks ago
wok-undigest SliTaz Undigest wok Christophe Lincoln 2 months ago