flavors log core64/packages.list

age author description
2020-02-08 Pascal Bellard core*: add webgames
2019-09-18 Pascal Bellard base64, justx64, gtkonly64 & core64: no 32 bits kernel
2019-06-30 Pascal Bellard core*: sort packages.list
2019-06-30 Pascal Bellard core64: add firmware-radeon
2018-02-25 Pascal Bellard base-core*: add memtest
2018-02-22 Pascal Bellard Add core-5in1
2017-11-29 Pascal Bellard core, core64, preinit: update packages.list
2017-08-16 Pascal Bellard core, core64: add touchscreen drivers
2016-10-09 Xander Ziiryanoff core64: rm unused libs (gamin,gtkdialog,libXaw)
2016-07-05 Pascal Bellard core*: remove pciutils
2016-03-15 Pascal Bellard Add locale-ru
2016-03-14 Aleksej Bobylev core, core64: add mate-notification-daemon for Freedesktop notifications
2016-03-13 Pascal Bellard Fix packages.list files
2016-01-30 Xander Ziiryanoff core64: add missing packages (compared with "core": new themes,icons & openssl)
2016-01-13 Pascal Bellard Install midori-video
2015-07-19 Pascal Bellard Add firmware-rtlwifi
2015-06-28 Aleksej Bobylev Add: locale-en
2015-05-15 Pascal Bellard core, core64: libwebkit should be installed *before* yad to get yad-html
2014-10-29 Aleksej Bobylev Add dbus-helper to the flavors.
2014-10-27 Aleksej Bobylev Add gvfs-fuse and gvfs-udisks2 next to gvfs in the flavors.
2014-08-17 Pascal Bellard core64: do not install linux/32 !
2014-05-05 Richard Dunbar udisks2 automounts removable drives in pcmanfm
2014-04-16 Richard Dunbar pcmanfm/gvfs replaces spacefm/udevil
2014-01-13 Pascal Bellard Remove kmod
2013-12-19 Pascal Bellard Add core64