slitaz-boot-scripts log etc/init.d/

age author description
2015-08-29 Pascal Bellard /etc/init.d/ typo
2015-08-27 Pascal Bellard remove some error message in base
2015-03-23 Aleksej Bobylev better handle WEP connections, handle EAP, store Wi-Fi neworks by default; network.conf: migrate to extended format to support EAP arguments, and few more.5.7
2015-01-11 Pascal Bellard typo in /etc/init.d/bootopts.sh5.6.6
2015-01-10 Pascal Bellard typo in etc/init.d/
2015-01-10 Pascal Bellard Do not depend on /etc/slitaz/applications.conf
2014-05-15 Aleksej Bobylev add "font=" cheatcode to read/write console on your language (ru, el, etc?); example: "font=ter-v14n" for 14px Terminus (provided in terminus-font-base package).5.6.1
2014-05-05 Christophe Lincoln Add user to disk group... we never know!
2014-05-02 Christophe Lincoln We need to user manually to groups, adduser dont read properly /etc/adduser.conf
2014-05-01 Christophe Lincoln Fix: starting Xorg (we dont need any config file)5.5
2014-03-26 Pascal Bellard fix posixovl args5.4.2
2013-11-24 Pascal Bellard Backout 03d0b5dd92135.3.3
2013-10-30 Pascal Bellard fix uid/gid for vfat/ntfs case5.3.2
2013-05-31 Pascal Bellard fix tux user detection
2013-03-13 Pascal Bellard init/posixovl: assume vfat (worst case)
2013-01-16 Pascal Bellard /etc/init.d/ mount /home *before* create tux (for tazusb)
2012-06-01 Christophe Lincoln Huge clean, colored rcS, faster, fix sound and other devices (used need a devtmpfs mounted on /dev) disabled logging for now
2012-05-02 Christophe Lincoln Use new tazlocale and tazkeymap functions5.0
2012-04-17 Christophe Lincoln No more locale/keymap config at boot! Use syslinux menu. and fix opt wm=
2012-03-23 Pascal Bellard look for usb key device (again)
2012-03-23 Pascal Bellard look for usb key device
2012-03-23 Pascal Bellard Use posixovl for /home mount
2012-03-03 Christophe Lincoln speed up using fgrep in some case
2011-06-05 Christophe Lincoln remove this chown -R on user home it make all files executable (this was a realy bad idea, noe repos is only accessible for a few old dev, it a part too imporant of the os to let anybody do what it want...)4.5
2011-06-05 Christophe Lincoln Fix $HOME permission and use users gid to mount home= fat32 devices
2011-05-31 Pascal Bellard fix lang= option
2011-05-16 Christophe Lincoln Improve, fixes, big changes, 2 scripts less, one new, GUI config in live tha work with latest cookutils packages, well tested on Qemu, frugal, first HD install boot
2011-04-29 Christophe Lincoln remove user confug it's now in
2011-04-29 Christophe Lincoln Huge change in boot... we start X as soon as possible by default, for this we have to config keymap, locale, user and home before, let do that in rcS. Also some fixes such as TZ
2011-04-05 Christopher Rogers Don't chmod /home/user to 700. Otherwise /home/user/Public can't be used with taztpd.
2011-03-26 Antoine Bodin Automated merge with
2011-03-15 Antoine Bodin clean-up code: removing trailing spaces
2011-03-24 Christophe Lincoln bootopts: delete default user passwd (cant't login with !)
2011-03-06 Christopher Rogers Use adduser in script since it adduser copys /etc/skel again. USER will be added to users group now instead of USER group. I also chmod the /home/USER folder to 700 so no one but the user in question can read it.4.1
2011-02-05 Pascal Bellard try to shortcut USBDELAY
2011-02-05 Pascal Bellard support for both 'root=LABEL=string' and 'root=LABEL="string"'
2011-02-02 Antoine Bodin Fix: some hardware needs 1sec more to detect USB devices
2011-01-22 Christopher Rogers Change group tux to group users in script.
2010-12-27 Christopher Rogers Add USER tux to video group in file.3.4.3
2010-12-18 Christophe Lincoln Use custom files from persistant media with home=
2010-03-23 Christophe Lincoln lang= link also default doc
2010-03-21 Christophe Lincoln Fix: home= user dir may already be moved (writfs)3.3
2010-03-21 Christophe Lincoln Fix: lang= gen locale only if needed
2010-03-20 Christophe Lincoln Fix: locale creation if lang= option is used (may fix user login in live mode)
2010-03-20 Christophe Lincoln Fix: add default user to cdrom group (issue 117)
2009-11-09 Pascal Bellard set netbook resolution + batt for laptop
2009-10-24 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2009-04-27 Christophe Lincoln Mount /proc first to parse /proc/cmdline... (rcS tiny clean)
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Tidy comments (again)
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Default user may exist have a uid 1001, 1002, etc.
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln move function mount_home (used only once) to home= case
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Use 1 case for home=
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Add condition-option to install packages at boot from /home/boot/packages
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Clean and upate comments
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Fix typo
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Improve, clean and speed up boot options
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln rcS: get all earlier boot option at one time + home= wait for kernel usb delay
2009-04-22 Pascal Bellard move mount-packages from rcS to
2009-04-21 Christophe Lincoln Improve and tidy scripts, start tazhw from rcS and start earlier
2009-02-16 Pascal Bellard Update swap in fstab