slitaz-boot-scripts log

age author description
2009-04-27 Christophe Lincoln Match desktop file name with bootlog3.0
2009-04-27 Christophe Lincoln Add bootlog (to dispaly boot log with a simple cmd)
2009-04-27 Christophe Lincoln Mount /proc first to parse /proc/cmdline... (rcS tiny clean)
2009-04-27 Christophe Lincoln Add screen=auto option to autodetect screen resolution
2009-04-27 Christophe Lincoln Speed up and tidy cmdline option
2009-04-27 Christophe Lincoln Modify only RUN_DAEMONS with screen=text (Thanks Lux)
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Tidy comments (again)
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Default user may exist have a uid 1001, 1002, etc.
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln move function mount_home (used only once) to home= case
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Use 1 case for home=
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Add condition-option to install packages at boot from /home/boot/packages
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Clean and upate comments
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Fix typo
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Improve, clean and speed up boot options
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln rcS: clean up last commit...
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln rcS: get all earlier boot option at one time + home= wait for kernel usb delay
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Add option FAST_BOOT_X (fastbootx) to start X 4-6 sec earlier
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln speed up udhcp lease time
2009-04-22 Pascal Bellard move mount-packages from rcS to
2009-04-21 Pascal Bellard Add mount-packages in rcS
2009-04-21 Christophe Lincoln Improve and tidy scripts, start tazhw from rcS and start earlier
2009-04-16 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 2.8.2 for changeset 26a4000b82dd
2009-04-16 Christophe Lincoln i18n before hardware config like before2.8.2
2009-04-16 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 2.8.1 for changeset 47f8dc9dff6e
2009-04-07 erjo Fix: rcS.conf. Network must start after hardware detection.2.8.1
2009-03-27 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 2.8 for changeset 10b04a333b4d
2009-03-10 Pascal Bellard rc.functions/active_pidfile: filter pid2.8
2009-03-09 Paul Issott Tiny typos
2009-03-09 Pascal Bellard add xarg= for slim.conf/xserver_arguments
2009-03-08 Christophe Lincoln Store last alsa settings on shutdown
2009-03-08 Christophe Lincoln -4 sec for boot time ans less Kernel messages
2009-02-27 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 2.7 for changeset 6038353267b7
2009-02-27 Christophe Lincoln not all card have Tx-Power2.7
2009-02-27 Christophe Lincoln we can be more short with sound stuff
2009-02-25 Christophe Lincoln use Tazhw to auto configure PCI/USB devices
2009-02-23 Pascal Bellard boot-log.desktop: remove (any) clear screen
2009-02-18 Christophe Lincoln module can be listed but not installed
2009-02-17 Christophe Lincoln Fix: restore sound mixer config and dont erase it just after
2009-02-17 Christophe Lincoln Tiny fix for
2009-02-17 Christophe Lincoln Fix pci detection and remove black list stuff
2009-02-16 Pascal Bellard Add battery applets for laptop
2009-02-16 Pascal Bellard Update swap in fstab
2009-02-15 Christophe Lincoln WIFI_ESSID can have space in the name
2009-02-01 Christophe Lincoln rcS.conf: fix typo
2009-02-01 Christophe Lincoln rcS.conf: start slim after dbus/hald to handle hal events correctly
2008-12-26 Pascal Bellard Added tag 2.6.1 for changeset 31520720987c
2008-12-01 Pascal Bellard active_pidfile: avoid error msg2.6.1
2008-12-01 Christophe Lincoln network: ndiswrapper driver is installed only once and mod load with LOAD_MODULES
2008-11-30 Pascal Bellard Added tag 2.6 for changeset b2a46128ff7b
2008-11-30 Pascal Bellard rcS: mount usbfs2.6
2008-11-22 Pascal Bellard typo
2008-11-14 Pascal Bellard rcS: log root switching too
2008-10-31 Pascal Bellard Add active_pidfile in rc.functions
2008-10-23 Pascal Bellard check module exists during PCI detection
2008-10-20 Pascal Bellard fix default_user patch for slim.conf
2008-10-15 Pascal Bellard Added tag 2.5.2 for changeset 06dffda5c2ce
2008-09-28 Pascal Bellard autologin support (need slim 1.3.1)2.5.2
2008-09-24 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Added tag 2.5.1 for changeset 6d7cab1978a8
2008-09-19 Pascal Bellard ensure iwconfig for start2.5.1
2008-08-05 Pascal Bellard rcS: create missing devices