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29 <h2>Release Notes (en)</h2>
31 <p>
32 Welcome to SliTaz 4.0! Modern, secure, stable, fast and flexible the
33 new SliTaz stable version is now out for Desktops and servers in
34 production use.
35 </p>
37 <ul>
38 <li>More than 6500 commits in the wok</li>
39 <li>More than 1000 packages added to database</li>
40 <li>Boot in 10 seconds or less on a very recent machine</li>
41 <li>Centralized configuration with the new control panel</li>
42 <li>New build tool which lets you create SliTaz packages in a minute</li>
43 <li>New rolling release ISO is built after each package cook</li>
44 <li>4 Distros in one on the LiveCD (The Russian dolls)</li>
45 <li>New graphical installer and updater</li>
46 <li>New GUI Boxes and tools to create Live systems</li>
47 <li>Web boot improved: <a href="" target="_blank"></a></li>
48 <li><a href="" target="_blank">Errata for 4.0</a>
49 on the Wiki</li>
50 </ul>
52 <h3>Toolchain and build tools</h3>
53 <p>
54 Slitaz 4.0 has been built with our new build tools aka cookutils. We
55 have created new tools which handle the ~3300 packages dependencies
56 in a simple and consistent way. The cookutils let you also create new
57 Slitaz packages faster than ever. The tools are installed on each
58 SliTaz system as well as any supporting documentation.
59 </p>
61 <h3>Supported Hardware</h3>
62 <p>
63 SliTaz GNU/Linux 4.0 supports most machines based on i486 or x86 Intel
64 compatible processors. A minimum of 192MB of memory is recommended to
65 use the core LiveCD and our new russian dolls system will automatically
66 detect your memory to boot a low memory resource flavor if needed. The
67 default LiveCD provides the Core system which is a fully featured desktop,
68 a GTK only desktop, a flavor with just X windows and a text mode
69 system which will run with only 48 MB RAM (but can still let you
70 install a full desktop).
71 </p>
74 <h3>Live systems</h3>
75 <p>
76 SliTaz 4.0 core LiveCD provides in fact 4 versions and will use the one
77 your hardware can support. The live CD holds several SliTaz nested subsets.
78 The boot loader selects the most features that your computer memory can
79 access. You can also select an image from the menu and hit [tab] to edit
80 any options. A command line, the ability to webboot, help options and
81 languages are also available from the menu. Now people with very little
82 RAM can boot the Live CD, but probably in text mode. A full install can
83 now be performed to hard disk directly from the Live CD using text mode
84 with only 48MB ram.
85 </p>
88 <h3>Installation</h3>
89 <p>
90 The installation is fully automated and can be done graphically or in
91 text mode. Tazinst is a lightweight SliTaz HDD installer. It installs
92 SliTaz to a hard drive from a Live-CD, a LiveUSB key, a SliTaz
93 ISO image, or from the web (using Tazpanel) by downloading a stable,
94 cooking or rolling version. The prerequisite material and other useful
95 information can be found in the Manual and Handbook.
96 </p>
97 <p>
98 If you want to partition a disk before installation, you can quickly
99 use Gparted in LiveCD mode or use a flavor containing the partitioning
100 tool. At the end of the installation it is possible to setup the "GRUB"
101 bootloader which is capable of starting almost any operating system.
102 This allows SliTaz to co-exist with a previously installed operating
103 system, such as Windows.
104 </p>
107 <h3>Packages</h3>
108 <p>
109 Among the 3350 packages available in SliTaz 4.0 you will find anything you
110 need to transform your machine to a complete graphical desktop (e17), a
111 graphics studio with The Gimp or Inkscape, or to a video editor with Kino.
112 You can experience the world wide web with instant messaging, VOIP, email
113 and of course through a web browser. Packages can be found through the
114 search function of Tazpkg, Tazpanel or via the website:
115 <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
116 </p>
117 <p>
118 SliTaz is designed to function as a powerful web server, using the stable
119 LightTPD/PHP package (not installed by default), supporting CGI, Perl
120 and Python. Apache and Squid are also available. The ability to browse
121 the web securely using the Tor network is also supported.
122 </p>
123 <p>
124 SliTaz can of course also provide a complete development environment with
125 the GCC compiler, Geany IDE, Mercurial Repositories and all development
126 libraries.
127 </p>
128 <p>
129 Packages are now built automatically by the SliTaz Build Bot:
130 <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and are checked
131 by Cookutils to ensure that FHS standards are followed.
132 </p>
134 <h3>Administration</h3>
135 <p>
136 The new way and tool to configure the system on SliTaz 4.0 is TazPanel.
137 It is a CGI/web interface with a themable user interface from where
138 you can control your entire system such as package management, adding
139 or removing users, creating Live systems and much more. Each page
140 provides a small description to help you manage your SliTaz system.
141 To access the panel you can use the menu entry in “System Tools” or
142 this url: <a href="http://tazpanel:82" target="_blank">http://tazpanel:82</a>
143 </p>
145 <h3>Core Desktop</h3>
146 <p>
147 A lot of attention has been paid the the core desktop. All applications
148 are well integrated and a special SliTaz theme (including icons, Openbox,
149 GTK) has been created.
150 </p>
151 <p>
152 By default, the SliTaz LiveCD uses the very light and stable Openbox
153 window manager. Openbox is widely themeable and configurable using the
154 ObConf utility. The integration of the taskbar “LXpanel” makes it
155 possible to dynamically provide a menu based on the Freedesktop
156 standards. The principle is to have a small menu accessible via a
157 screen click with the favorites, windows effects, LiveCD and LiveUSB
158 tools, Openbox configuration and system actions made available. Applications
159 can also be accessed through the menu supplied by LXpanel. The managment
160 of the Desktop and icons are entrusted to the file manager PCmanFM.
161 </p>
162 <p>
163 Through the support of a LiveCD flavor or an installed system you can
164 install the Enlightenment (e17) desktop environment or the window
165 managers XFCE, Pekwm, JWM and DWM. The different sessions can be
166 selected via the F1 key when using the “Slim” login window. To change
167 the default session you can use tazx; or manually edit the
168 ~/.Xinitrc file.
169 </p>
171 <h3>SliTaz network</h3>
172 <p>
173 All services have been changed and improved since 3.0 and a SliTaz
174 community network has been created to help users, contributors and
175 developers come together to share ideas about the project.
176 This includes a community board, wiki based documentation, a forum
177 and a bug tracker. Now developers, artists, documentation writers,
178 bug reporters and anybody with a good suggestion can help others,
179 get involved and work together to improve the project. The SliTaz
180 community network (SCN), website and repos all combine the same
181 graphical layout for easy navigation.
182 </p>
184 <h3>From 3.0 to 4.0</h3>
185 <p>
186 A SliTaz GNU/Linux installer offers an update function allowing you
187 to upgrade from a 3.0 to 4.0 version. To upgrade the system you
188 first need to boot the Stable LiveCD, launch the installer from the
189 command line or Tazpanel, select upgrade and then specify the
190 partition or configuration file containing the system that you want
191 to update. The installer will then clean out the system and reinstall
192 all the packages not present on the CD from the mirror. When this has
193 finished you can reboot with your new version of SliTaz.
194 </p>
195 <p>
196 To upgrade a 3.0 to 4.0 it is also possible to use the package manager Tazpkg
197 via the set-release function, but beware this is not yet proven and may
198 require some manual intervention.
199 </p>
201 <h3>People of the Project</h3>
202 <p>
203 SliTaz is proud to be an international community project. The people of
204 the project are the ones who develop the distribution, correct the website,
205 develop the HG repositories and write the official documentation. Passing
206 through Switzerland, France, Brazil, Quebec, China, India, Russia, Ukraine,
207 England, and the U.S.
208 </p>
210 <ul>
211 <li>Christophe Lincoln</li>
212 <li>Pascal Bellard</li>
213 <li>Eric Joseph-Alexandre</li>
214 <li>Paul Issott</li>
215 <li>Claudinei Pereira</li>
216 <li>Dominique Corbex</li>
217 <li>Brenton Edgar Scott</li>
218 <li>Christopher Rogers</li>
219 <li>Aleksej Bobylev</li>
220 <li>Samuel Trassare</li>
221 <li>Christian Mesh</li>
222 <li>Alexander Medvedev</li>
223 <li>Richard Dunbar</li>
224 <li>...</li>
225 </ul>
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228 </div>
230 <div id="footer">
231 Copyright © 2013 <a href="" target="_blank">SliTaz GNU/Linux</a>
232 </div>
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