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2012-03-27 Christophe Lincoln Add: SliTaz 4.0 Releases Notes
2012-03-22 Christophe Lincoln Add info about Handbook in README
2012-03-20 Paul Issott index.html: use soft link
2012-03-18 Christian Mesh meshca Added myself to the authors.
2012-03-18 Christian Mesh meshca Update Installation section of english doc.
2012-03-18 Christian Mesh meshca Added subox to Becoming Root section of english doc.
2012-03-18 Christian Mesh meshca Update System Information section of english doc.
2012-03-18 Christian Mesh meshca Update Office section of english doc.
2012-03-18 Christian Mesh meshca Update Applications section of english doc.
2012-03-18 Christian Mesh meshca Update network section of english doc, more updates to come.
2012-03-17 Aleksej Bobylev Russian translation added
2012-03-16 Claudinei Pereira Move: to index.pt_BR.html & update all other index files
2012-02-29 Samuel Trassare removed png extensions from desktop files
2012-02-23 Paul Issott en.html: tiny edits
2012-02-22 Christophe Lincoln New icon foe slitaz documentation
2012-02-18 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Added tag 4.2.1 for changeset e0cb55ab3786
2011-06-19 Paul Issott en: tiny edits4.2.1
2011-06-18 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.2 for changeset eac5269d2ccd
2011-06-18 Christophe Lincoln en: add small info and link to tazpanel4.2
2011-06-02 Claudinei Pereira Add pt_BR on desktop files
2011-05-31 Paul Issott en: typo
2011-05-30 Christophe Lincoln Fix and update all doc
2011-04-30 Christophe Lincoln Start migration to new style and fix labs link
2010-11-04 Paul Issott Edits (We need a copy editor)
2010-11-04 Paul Issott index.en.html: edits/typos
2010-10-22 Paul Issott index.en.html: edit stable also
2010-10-22 Paul Issott edit index.en.html
2010-10-17 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.1 for changeset 06a7146a1f14
2010-10-17 Christophe Lincoln Use default browser for local doc4.1
2010-09-12 Paul Issott en: tiny edit
2010-09-03 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.0 for changeset 38ae4c29e6da
2010-09-03 Christophe Lincoln de,pt: have cooking information4.0
2010-09-03 Christophe Lincoln en,fr: have cooking information
2010-09-03 Christophe Lincoln Remove all relnote, we need some cooking doc for a new release
2010-04-15 Paul Issott es,cn: add relnotes, links and tags
2010-04-14 Christophe Lincoln Add chinese index with quick start (Thanks uboat)
2010-04-04 Eric Joseph-Alexandre relnotes fr: Tiny edit (thanks Go Khla Yeh)
2010-03-28 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 3.2 for changeset 7fccfabad7fd
2010-03-28 Christophe Lincoln index hu: link to doc.slitaz.org3.2
2010-03-28 Christophe Lincoln relnotes de: small edit and link to
2010-03-28 Christophe Lincoln relnotes fr: tiny footer edit
2010-03-28 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Last edit (Thanks to duod)
2010-03-28 Pascal Bellard slitaz/ typos
2010-03-28 Claudinei Pereira Edit &
2010-03-28 Pascal Bellard slitaz/ typos
2010-03-28 Paul Issott typo footers
2010-03-28 Paul Issott fix cn page
2010-03-28 Christophe Lincoln link all relnotes languages and quick acces from en index
2010-03-28 Christophe Lincoln Add chinese release notes (Thanks Uboat)
2010-03-28 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Edit.
2010-03-27 Rohit Joshi relnotes:en add security link (thanks claudinei)
2010-03-27 Paul Issott en: tiny edits
2010-03-26 Paul Issott edit relnotes.en
2010-03-26 Rohit Joshi relnotes: tiny edits
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2010-03-25 Christophe Lincoln update link and info for relnotes
2010-03-25 Christophe Lincoln relnotes.en: tidy,edit,new footer
2010-03-25 tux release-notes: improve alllines; add utf-8
2010-03-24 Paul Issott relnotes.en: add xorg