tazpkg log

age author description
2011-04-06 Antoine Bodin Close branch 4.3 (feature release)4.3
2011-04-06 Antoine Bodin recharge(): fix some details to make it run smooth in various usage cases4.3
2011-04-06 Antoine Bodin remove rootconfig option from install (doesn't make sense)4.3
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.4 for changeset beaa0348485d
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Fix VERSION again (why some beta tags ? and why missing archive on mirror ?)4.4
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.3 for changeset 18a0552011da
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Fix Makefile and update POT file4.3
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Prepare release and fix version
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Add tazpkg-notify (notification icon in systray with custom action, must be started by WM autostart script
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln tazpkgbox install should not be categorized
2011-04-02 Christophe Lincoln Fix duplcated package in upgradeable-packages.list
2011-04-01 Antoine Bodin bugfix4.3
2011-03-25 Antoine Bodin Added tag 4.3-beta2 for changeset f8a1a260f8114.3
2011-03-25 Antoine Bodin Added tag 4.2.6 for changeset 2784093ebf38
2011-03-25 Antoine Bodin Merge changes from default branch4.3 4.3-beta2
2011-03-16 Antoine Bodin tazpkg, recharge(): fix a bug which prevent ID check to works well4.3
2011-03-16 Antoine Bodin tazpkg, recharge(): fix a bug specific to 4.34.3
2011-03-20 Pascal Bellard fix tazpkg convert .deb4.2.6
2011-03-16 Antoine Bodin Added tag 4.3-beta for changeset a2c85fb621244.3
2011-03-16 Antoine Bodin Oups... fix a stupid typo & retag4.3 4.3-beta
2011-03-15 Antoine Bodin Added tag 4.3-beta for changeset 0d950a34740a4.3
2011-03-15 Antoine Bodin tazpkg, recharge): add support for {wanted,depends,libraries}.txt, plus tiny optimization of code size4.3
2011-03-07 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2011-03-04 Antoine Bodin Fix --rootconfig option, should works well now.4.3
2011-03-04 Antoine Bodin Change VERSION to 4.2.6
2011-03-04 Antoine Bodin Merge changes from default into 4.34.3
2011-03-04 Christopher Rogers Fixed remove option to check if packages modifiers files.list exist before greping it.
2011-03-04 Antoine Bodin Let recharge display an error if mirror is not accessible; Avoid ID being a symlink4.3
2011-03-03 Antoine Bodin Change root-config option to rootconfig as variable can't have '-' in their name (4.3)4.3
2011-02-25 Antoine Bodin Make recharge) able to handle only one specified repository; Check for repository's ID (a verry little file containing md5sum of packages.md5) and recharge only if it changed (or doesnt exists) when recharging. (4.3)4.3
2011-02-24 Antoine Bodin Add --root-config option to install/get-install: Use lib & cache from $root instead of main system (usefull to install using other repositories than thoses defined on host). (4.3)4.3
2011-03-04 Antoine Bodin 4.3 branch open for new feature4.3
2011-03-01 Pascal Bellard tazpkg: remove trailing / in package name
2011-03-01 Pascal Bellard tazpkg: extend convert .opkg support
2011-02-04 Antoine Bodin Added tag 4.2.5 for changeset 88a196a42cd8
2011-02-04 Antoine Bodin Change VERSION4.2.5
2011-02-02 Antoine Bodin Add: --auto option for tazpkg remove
2011-02-01 Antoine Bodin Added tag 4.2.4 for changeset 13789d978d23
2011-02-01 Antoine Bodin Fix: use in get_cache_dir (thanks godane)4.2.4
2011-02-01 Antoine Bodin Automated merge with http://repos.slitaz.org/tazpkg
2011-02-01 Antoine Bodin A cache dir for each repo & fixed md5sum check
2011-01-31 Christopher Rogers Fixed tazpkg to not redownload undigest packages everytime with get-install. Also replace /var/lib/tazpkg with in some places.
2011-01-28 Antoine Bodin Added tag 4.2.3 for changeset 3c5263f6749b
2011-01-28 Antoine Bodin Fix regressions introduced with my lasts commits4.2.3
2011-01-26 Antoine Bodin Added tag 4.2.2 for changeset e1c400f9e59b
2011-01-26 Antoine Bodin Fix extract_package4.2.2
2011-01-26 Christopher Rogers Added tag 4.2.1 for changeset 70e88dd8d247
2011-01-26 Christopher Rogers Changed VERSION to
2011-01-26 Christopher Rogers Change VERSION to 4.2.
2011-01-26 Antoine Bodin Added tag 4.2 for changeset 219330eece9f
2011-01-25 Antoine Bodin Replace grep by fgrep when possible to speed-up a little things4.2
2011-01-25 Antoine Bodin Replace subprocesses by command group to speedup things a little
2011-01-25 Antoine Bodin Fix: /var/lib/tazpkg is now properly created when using --root and check of installed packages now works properly
2011-01-25 Antoine Bodin Use library libtaz, libtaz/commons; use can now use several option at the same time with install/get-install
2011-01-24 Antoine Bodin Various: several minor speed improvements, ask for a category now works properly in undigest window, major speedup of search packages/description, search packages/description now search only in packages/descriptions fields + equiv, new display for search for file - some debugs into it but it's not perfect as multi-repository handling needs some major improvement.
2010-12-26 Pascal Bellard tazpkg convert: add alpine support
2010-12-12 Pascal Bellard Fix remove with modifiers
2010-12-12 Paul Issott Edit tazpkgbox (again)
2010-12-09 Antoine Bodin Added tag 4.1.3 for changeset 74b89e03572f
2010-12-09 Antoine Bodin Clean: .hgtags4.1.3