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29 <h2 style="margin-right: 220px;">Sponsoring SliTaz</h2>
31 <p>
32 SliTaz is a non-profit based project and we are always looking for
33 new ways to monetary support the project and provide new hardware.
34 </p>
36 <p>
37 Firstly, a huge thanks to our <a href="#cur">current sponsors</a> and all
38 the people who support us with small but very important donations to the project.
39 The project is still quite young but in <?php echo date('Y')-2007 ?> years of active development we
40 have grown and become a professional grade operating system that is safe to
41 use in production environments.
42 </p>
44 <h3>Monetary support a developer</h3>
46 <p>
47 Do you use SliTaz in your project and want to see the distribution getting
48 even more professional with main developers working on the project full time?
49 If so, you can sponsor the SliTaz Association which will pay a developer to
50 work fully 100% on SliTaz. We actually don't have enough money the pay a developer
51 for the whole year, but the amount of donations and monetary support lets us have
52 a professional working 3-4 months per year on the project. In time we hope to
53 have developers working on a full time basis on SliTaz.
54 </p>
56 <p>Help the project via a small donation:</p>
57 <?php include("../../lib/html/donate.html"); ?>
59 <h3>Hardware sponsor</h3>
61 <p>
62 As a open source project we usually develop SliTaz on our own personal computers.
63 But we sometimes have to change our personal systems and need new hardware. We also
64 can't test the distribution on some specific machines as we don't have access to them.
65 If you are a hardware manufacturer and want to see SliTaz working out-of-the-box on
66 your computers you can send us a machine so that we can work on it for you.
67 </p>
68 <p>
69 SliTaz is built with tools ready for cross compilation and we would like to
70 port SliTaz to the ARM platform. For this we need some ARM hardware to be
71 able to test our cross compiled binaries and adapt SliTaz to ARM architecture.
72 </p>
74 <h3>Hardware recycling</h3>
76 <p>
77 SliTaz is a great distribution to give an old computer a new lease of life and we
78 need some old hardware to test it on. Also, we may recycle some of your
79 old hardware to preinstall SliTaz on it and then sell it on at low cost. This
80 lets people have a cheap but powerful machine and lets us make a bit of money
81 and also provide a service.
82 </p>
84 <h2>Contact and information</h2>
86 <p>
87 If you are interested and want more information about monetary or hardware
88 sponsorship you can contact the SliTaz Association by mail at &lt;asso at
89; or via <a href="../asso/#postal">post</a>.
90 </p>
91 <p>
92 By sponsoring SliTaz you will get your logo and website url on this page
93 which is linked to all the other pages of the website. You will also be able
94 to publicly claim your participation in a pure Open Source project and get
95 more attention from Free Software and Linux users.
96 </p>
98 <h2 id="cur">Our current sponsors</h2>
100 <table>
101 <tbody>
102 <tr>
103 <td style="width: 140px; height: 80px;">
104 <a href=""><img
105 src="/images/sponsor/balinor_technologies.png"
106 alt="Balinor Technologies"
107 style="float: left;" /></a>
108 </td>
109 <td>
110 Balinor Technologies - Focus on your business, let's automate
111 your IT: "Knowledge is worth nothing if it's not shared"
112 </td>
113 </tr>
114 <tr>
115 <td style="width: 140px; height: 80px;">
116 <a href=""><img
117 src="/images/sponsor/ads.png" alt="Allied Data Sys"
118 style="float: left; " /></a>
119 </td>
120 <td>
121 Allied Data Sys - ADS sponsors the main SliTaz mirror and
122 offers us full access to a virtual machine with a high
123 speed connection. This allows us to use the machine as we
124 wish without any limitations. A huge thanks to ADS for
125 the service and fast response to any questions and requests
126 we might have.
127 </td>
128 </tr>
129 <tr>
130 <td style="width: 140px; height: 80px;">
131 <a href=""><img
132 src="/images/sponsor/ddg.png" alt="DuckDuckGo"
133 style="float: left;" /></a>
134 </td>
135 <td>
136 DuckDuckGo search engine - DDG signed a partnership with SliTaz
137 to share the revenue generated by the <em>sponsored links</em>
138 within the search results seen by SliTaz users. We share 50% of
139 revenue so using DDG in SliTaz helps both projects. DuckDuckGo
140 is a search engine with way more instant answers, less spam
141 and clutter, lots of goodies and real privacy.
142 </td>
143 </tr>
144 </tbody>
145 </table>
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148 </section>
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152 </body>
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