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23 <h2>2008</h2>
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29 <strong>31 Dec 2008 - Cooking 20081231 - Wifi and NTFS support</strong>
30 <p>The SliTaz project is proud to announce a new Cooking version of the LiveCD. It allows you to utilize and test the work done in recent months, it contains many new features, bug fixes and several updates. The distribution now includes a tiny control center, easily managed WiFi via Netbox and tazndis, a lighter version of ndiswrapper to use non-free Windows network card drivers. Perl is now on the cdrom (with Lua removed). WiFi support is also accompanied by support for NTFS partitions, so mplayer had to be dropped from the default packages that make up the heart of the LiveCD. The Tazpkg manager has been greatly improved, it allows the preservation of configuration files, software to be updated according to the construction (build) date on the server, log files to be kept when the packages are actioned, and several fixes have been applied. Also improved are the boot scripts, and the LiveCD tool (Tazlito) is now more coherent. The Cooking repository now contains more than 1100 packages thanks to the SliTaz developers. You can <a href="../get/#cooking">download</a> this new version from one of the official mirrors of the project.</p>
31 </li>
33 <li>
34 <strong>16 Jul 2008 - Cooking 20080716 - Web boot and MPlayer</strong>
35 <p>SliTaz project members are proud to announce the availability of a new Cooking version, including many new features and bug fixes. This version provides the boot option <code>web</code> which lets you boot SliTaz from the internet using gPXE from <a href=""></a>. This new unique service offers the possibility to use SliTaz in Live mode (all in RAM), using the Live options to store your data permanently and preconfigure the system. This new Cooking takes an extra 3 Mb so we can provide: a multimedia player with MPlayer, a notes manager with Notecase, a new version of Tazpkg package manager with md5sum support, XFS filesystem support built into the Kernel, a 'man' command and a few updates. This version requires at least 160 Mb to boot and run properly, we offer loram <a href="../get/flavors.php">flavors</a> for machines with less resources. <a href="../get/#cooking">Download SliTaz Cooking ISO</a>.</p>
36 </li>
38 <li>
39 <strong>26 Jun 2008 - Cooking 20080626 with new Kernel</strong>
40 <p>Summer time is here and also the new Cooking from the 26 June. A lot of work has been done to improve user experience. This Cooking version provides a new Kernel ( with many new built-in drivers and modules, linux package was also split to have a fairly modular Kernel. Default user has changed to <code>tux</code> and the new option <code>user=name</code> lets you choose the default user name. Most of the Slitaz utils and tools have been improved: tazpkgbox provides some new commands for package management and bootfloppybox can be used in text mode, Netbox wifi and PPPoE support are now both working well and a new function called zeroconf is available. Most packages are up-to-date and Firefox 3.0 is part of the 25.2 Mb ISO. Cooking version can be <a href="../get/#cooking">downloaded</a> from SliTaz mirror. Bugs can be reported on SliTaz Bug Tracking System: <a href="">BTS</a></p>
41 </li>
43 <li>
44 <strong>18 May 2008 - Cooking 20080518 and</strong>
45 <p>SliTaz team is proud to announce the availability of a new Cooking LiveCD ISO image providing huge changes from the stable release. SliTaz now uses Openbox as its default Window Manager, desktop icons let you launch your favorite applications and manage files and dbus and hal will automatically mount removable media such as USB keys or Hard disks. Packages can now be managed through the graphical Packages Manager Tazpkgbox and mountbox and netbox are now much more usable and complete. The LiveCD now offers: lua, a desktop search engine with searchmonkey, system information with Hardinfo, task management with LXTasks and a password and clipboard manager. All the major packages have been updated - SliTaz now uses a new toolchain using the last glibc-2.7, GTK 2.12.9 and Firefox 3.0 RC1! You will now find 580 packages on the mirror including wireless support for the kernel and the necessary tools for a manual connection or one managed by SliTaz netbox. This new announced Cooking version can be <a href="../get/#cooking">downloaded</a> from SliTaz mirror. Note: This version is going to be used at the <a href=""></a> in Geneva Switzerland.</p>
46 </li>
48 <li>
49 <strong>22 Mar 2008 - SliTaz GNU/Linux 1.0 release</strong>
50 <p>The SliTaz contributors team are proud to announce the publication of SliTaz GNU/Linux 1.0. This is the first stable release after 2 years of work. The system is distributed as a bootable LiveCD of 24.8 MB providing a fully featured desktop environment and a generous selection of multi-use applications. SliTaz GNU/Linux 1.0 uses the Linux Kernel, providing Firefox, Rsync 3.0.0, Gparted 0.3.5 and sound support with Alsa 1.0.16. The distribution lets you listen to music, surf the Web, edit a video studio and much more with the 448 available packages that can be installed with our very own package manager Tazpkg. The LiveCD lets you create a custom distro or a LiveUSB device in one single command. Security updates are provided by the project and popular packages like Firefox will also get upgraded for functionality. You can get SliTaz GNU/Linux 1.0 from the Web site <a href="../get/#stable">download page</a>. Read the <a href="../doc/releases/1.0/relnotes.en.txt">Release Notes</a> for more detailed information on this stable version.</p>
51 </li>
53 <li>
54 <strong>26 Feb 2008 - Updated Cooking ISO (20080225)</strong>
55 <p>SliTaz project is proud to announce an updated version of the LiveCD with many bug fixes, new boot options, ACPI support and some package updates such as: Alsa 1.0.16, PHP 5.2.5, Htop 0.7, Firefox, Nano 2.0.7 and Sqlite 3.5.6. The option <code>home=*</code> now supports devices by UUID or label (Thanks Andrew) and the <code>laptop</code> option will automatically load ac and battery Kernel modules. The project also provides a new tool Tazusb, dedicated to LiveUSB media. Tazusb lets you create bootable USB media or write the current filesystem to the media in one single command. This version is ready for stable release, we are now writing Release Notes, preparing final artwork and a stable packages repository. You can try this updated Cooking by <a href="../get/#cooking">downloading</a> the LiveCD ISO from SliTaz Web site.</p>
56 </li>
58 <li>
59 <strong>10 Jan 2008 - New Cooking ISO (20080107)</strong>
60 <p>Paving the road to a stable release, we published a new Cooking ISO with many bug fixes and some new features. We added Asunder for audio CD ripping, Burnbox to burn ISO images, a new boot option to let you load Kernel modules at boot time (<code>modprobe=modules</code>) and the LiveCD now uses Xvesa from Xorg 7.2. All the SliTaz tools and utilities have been updated with new features. Tazpkg can repack packages from a running system, Tazlito can generate a LiveCD distribution flavor with a few commands and Tazwok can check for build dependencies when building a package from source. Please check <a href="../get/#cooking">downloads area</a> to get a copy of SliTaz LiveCD.</p>
61 </li>
62 </ul>
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65 </div>
67 <h2>News archives</h2>
68 <p>
69 Please note that some links may be broken due to website structure
70 changes (mainly the docs that moved to their own domain).
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73 <a href="index.php#archives">Archives by year</a>
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