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46 <h2>Internationalization</h2>
48 <p>
49 The main goal of SliTaz is to provide full support for a given
50 language, including the website, official Wiki documentation,
51 a dedicated forum and all SliTaz related projects such as the
52 LiveCD GUI builder.
53 </p>
55 <p>
56 Translation is a community effort and everyone can help. You're
57 welcome to join the team! You can find more pot files on
58 <a href="">Hg</a>, just pick one up,
59 translate it and send it to the mailing list or upload it onto the
60 SliTaz Community Network aka <a href="">SCN</a>.
61 </p>
63 <p>
64 SliTaz project Website is available in the following languages:
65 </p>
67 <div class="box">
68 <?php include "lib/lang.php" ?>
69 </div>
71 <h2>Information</h2>
73 <p>
74 The website and documentation has been translated and is kept
75 up-to-date by several contributors. For now, the actively maintained
76 languages are Bosnian, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.
77 German is on the stove, but more help is needed. Most of the
78 communication is done through the
79 <a href="en/mailing-list.php">Mailing List</a> and the
80 <a href="">i18n group</a> on SCN.
81 </p>
83 <p>
84 Some additional languages can be installed through the Package
85 Manager, but we are not able to provide support and documentation.
86 SliTaz is a community based project, everyone can help out and is
87 more than welcome to join us.
88 </p>
90 <h2 id="howto">How to participate</h2>
92 <p>
93 From fixing typos to translating a full xHTML page there's always editing
94 and proofreading to be done. Websites often move and get updated and
95 SliTaz home made tools such as TazPanel acquire new strings depending on the new
96 functions added to it. Over time we have developed a few ways to let you contact
97 us and get involved in the project.
98 </p>
99 <p>
100 For sending translations or requesting a new language you can join the
101 SliTaz <a href="en/mailing-list.php">Mailing List</a>.
102 </p>
104 <h3>Website translation</h3>
106 <p>
107 Here is a howto for translating a SliTaz website into a new language. First
108 you need the original website page in English. You have 2 ways to get a full
109 copy of the website: use Mercurial and clone the repository or download the
110 latest archive in tar.bz2 format. Using Mercurial lets you update your
111 local copy in one command and downloading directly from the repository
112 allows you to get the page you want. So it's matter of choice, but if you
113 want to manage a language and push changes yourself you will have to use
114 Mercurial; here is some <a href="en/devel/forge.php">more info on Hg</a>.
115 </p>
116 <p>
117 Clone the website or get the latest archive:
118 </p>
120 <pre>
121 $ hg clone
122 $ wget <a href=""></a>
123 </pre>
125 <p>
126 Now that you have a full copy of the website you can fix typos or start a new
127 translation. The reference is English, so always copy an English page to
128 your native language and naturally keep the website structure intact. When
129 you're happy with your work you can send it to the community as
130 explained beforehand.
131 </p>
132 <p>
133 If you're a bit afraid about sending a mail to more than 300 people on the list
134 or becoming exposed on the forum you can send a private message to one of the i18n
135 group members on SCN (but they might not have time to answer). Keep in mind we are
136 a friendly community and there aren't any stupid questions.
137 </p>
139 <h3>System translation</h3>
141 <p>
142 Like said before, the goal is to provide full language support; not only
143 with the website or forum, but with the system itself. Everything can be translated
144 from menu items to SHell scripts and GUI boxes. For this we use standard
145 gettext POT files.
146 </p>
147 <p>
148 Each translation of a sub-project has its own file named with a language
149 prefix, example: pt_BR.po or fr.po. This PO file can be translated with a nice
150 graphical editor like POedit on SliTaz. That means you don't need to have
151 programming or Linux skills to help or maintain a translation.
152 </p>
153 <p>
154 If a PO file for a language doesn't exist you can create one yourself or
155 ask a contributor to do it for you and commit the new file to Hg. For each
156 project you will find a README file with translation instructions to use
157 msginit and other gettext tools. If you want to update or complete a
158 translation PO file you can download it from here or from Hg and then
159 send it to the list, the forum or SCN as usual. Note that some projects
160 are contained in the same repository such as tazpkg-notify which is part
161 of tazpkg.
162 </p>
164 <!--
165 Here we don't link to old gtkdialog box POT files since they will be
166 removed. We may have links to menu files or some explaination about
167 menu translations.
168 -->
170 <?php require_once("lib/i18n-info.php"); ?>
171 <?php get_info(); ?>
173 <!-- End of content -->
174 </div>
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178 </body>
179 </html>