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29 <strong>4 November 2009 - New Cooking 20091104</strong>
30 <p>SliTaz contributors are proud to announce the availability of a new Cooking ISO image based on over 2100 packages available in the SliTaz repository. The full system has been rebuilt with a new toolchain using Glibc 2.10.1 and GCC 4.4.1. This new Cooking uses the Linux kernel with better hardware support and more built-in modules. The boot process has been further improved and the boot time is now faster than ever. Major packages found on the LiveCD such as Firefox have been updated to the current stable version. Home-made GUI boxes have been enhanced. Tazpkg packages manager supports new features including the conversion of deb/rpm/arch/slackware/ipk packages to SliTaz native format. The ISO image includes a new Openbox, GTK and icons theme for an elegant and more beautiful desktop. We have also removed ePDFview and switched to an online PDF viewer. This ISO image, however, is a bit bigger than 30 Mb (31.5) due to a bigger Kernel and many new dependencies.</p>
31 <p>We would also like to announce that the SliTaz project has a new <a href="">support forum</a> and a new <a href="">community platform</a> where everyone is welcome to share and to get involved! This new Cooking ISO is as always downloadable from the website download section: <a href="../get/#cooking">Get SliTaz Cooking</a></p>
32 </li>
34 <li>
35 <strong>19 May 2009 - SliTaz at LinuxDays 2009 (Geneva)</strong>
36 <p>During the LinuxDays show in Switzerland, the association will have a booth in the Association Village and a lecture will be given on Wednesday morning. The lecture is a case study with a corporate view based on using a "SliTaz Business Server" with a switchboard, integrated ERP, mail, LDAP, etc...</p>
37 <p>During the 3 days, the exhibition stand will be manned by members of the SliTaz project. The booth will offer demonstrations, including the creation of bootable USB keys (LiveUSB) and cdroms. The LinuxDays LiveCD will contain a selection of software designed for mobile use. The exhibition lounge will also have a forum and we will gladly answer any questions. So feel free to visit us! Information can be found on <a href="">SliTaz Labs</a> and the <a href=""></a> website.</p>
38 </li>
40 <li>
41 <strong>16 April 2009 - SliTaz GNU/Linux 2.0 release</strong>
42 <p>The SliTaz project are proud to announce the release of the new stable version of the distribution - SliTaz GNU/Linux 2.0. This new version is the result of one year of community work and provides an ultra lightweight, fast, scalable and stable operating system. SliTaz provides a complete graphical desktop in less than 30MB, applications required for a reliable and robust server environment and 1400 easily installable software packages in a few clicks of the mouse. This new version offers the automounting of partitions (NTFS compliant), wifi support, an office respecting the standards (drag and drop), network booting with gPXE and <a href=""></a>, automatic detection of USB and PCI devices, a GUI package manager and control center, and various graphical tools to manage the distribution. The creation of USB media and bootable LiveCD flavors is also simplified and greatly improved. The core LiveCD includes Firefox 3.0.8, gFTP, LostIRC, ePDFView, mtPaint, Transmission, Osmo and Alsaplayer. The website documentation has been updated and you can read the <a href="../doc/releases/2.0/relnotes.en.html">release notes</a> included in the distribution for more details on this stable version. SliTaz GNU/Linux 2.0 is now <a href="../get/">downloadable</a> from the official mirrors of the project.</p>
43 </li>
45 <li>
46 <strong>27 March 2009 - Labs and new mirrors</strong>
47 <p>Continually seeking to improve the distribution and the services we offer, we are proud to announce the launch of <a href="">SliTaz Labs</a>. This platform makes it possible for contributors to collaborate more effectively, report bugs or request new features. The Labs provide each <a href="">project</a> with a wiki, a bug/issues tracker, <a href="">news</a>, etc. The laboratories provide an overview of activity on the project and track the release of regular updates. Register to participate and leave a comment. The project is also proud to announce 2 new mirrors: In Switzerland, hosted by <a href="">SWITCHmirror</a> (10 Gbits/s) and hosted in China by <a href="">LupaWorld</a>, thanks for supporting us.</p>
48 </li>
50 <li>
51 <strong>20 March 2009 - SliTaz at Solutionslinux 2009 (Paris)</strong>
52 <p>The SliTaz project will be present at Solutionslinux 2009 in Paris. The stand will be hosted by 3 members of the team during the 3 day event and several other contributors will be present at some point. There you will have the opportunity to test various machines, EeePC for example, create a USB key (bring one with you) or to buy USB keys or bootable LiveCDs. You can also learn about the project and make contact with members of the association and the development team. Website of the fair: <a href=""></a>, <a href="">Village associations</a>, <a href=";pg=2_4">SliTaz Stand</a>.</p>
53 </li>
55 <li>
56 <strong>28 Feb 2009 - New Cooking 20090228</strong>
57 <p>Getting ready for the next stable release! - The SliTaz project is proud to publish a new Cooking version with a lot of bug fixes, updates, improvements and new features. PCI/USB device auto-detection is now handled by Tazhw and firmware can be installed in one click through a graphical interface. Tazndis also has a simple GUI which lets you manage Windows drivers in a user friendly interface. The graphical packages manager is also much simpler to use and LiveUSB media such as a USB key can easily be created through a box. Netbox displays all interfaces and the new Wifibox can connect to wireless essids, manage favorite networks and configure card drivers manually or through Tazhw. The desktop has a GUI to enable or disable applications started with an Openbox session and Ivman with desktopkbox provides a lightweight notification system. You can <a href="../get/#cooking">download</a> this new ISO image from one of the official mirrors of the website.</p>
58 </li>
59 </ul>
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64 <h2>News archives</h2>
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66 Please note that some links may be broken due to website structure
67 changes (mainly the docs that moved to their own domain).
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70 <a href="index.php#archives">Archives by year</a>
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