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29 <strong>4 November 2010 - New Cooking 20101104</strong>
30 <p>The SliTaz team is pleased to announce the release of a new cooking ISO featuring over 2600 packages. It contains Linux Kernel 2.6.34 and was rebuilt with a new toolchain using glibc 2.11.2 and gcc 4.5.1. Xorg has been fully updated to 1.9.2. The LiveCD includes Midori, the Deadbeef audio player, and many more applications. Tazpkg and Tazctrlbox now support gettext translations and more UTF locales have been added. Many bugfixes, updates and improvements can also be found. A lot of work has been done during these past 6 months. You can <a href="../get/#cooking">download</a> this new cooking version from one of the official mirrors of the project. All feedback is welcome and can be done through the mailing list or the forum.</p>
31 </li>
33 <li>
34 <strong>08 May 2010 - Summer of Documentation</strong>
35 <p>The SliTaz team is organizing a 'Summer of Documentation' from May 10th to June 10th. The main aim is to centralize, review and update all online documentation. More details can be found at <a href=""></a>. We hope that SliTaz users will be able to contribute by adding to or updating the documentation.</p>
36 </li>
38 <li>
39 <strong>28 March 2010 - SliTaz GNU/Linux 3.0 release</strong>
40 <p>All of the SliTaz team are proud to announce the release of the SliTaz GNU/Linux 3.0 operating system. It's simpler, faster, customizable, mightier and yet incredibly tiny. The new SliTaz stable version is now out after one year of development.</p>
41 <p>The core desktop provides a fully featured desktop powered by Xorg 7.4, Openbox, LXDE components and home made tools. It lets you easily connect to the Internet to surf the web with the Midori web browser, listen to music or manage your pictures.</p>
42 <p>The default core system fits into a 30 MB ISO image and LiveCD flavors start at 8 MB. This stable version has been built by a new toolchain including GCC 4.4.1 and uses the Linux kernel You can read the full <a href="../../en/doc/releases/3.0/relnotes.en.html">Releases Notes</a> for more information and <a href="../get/#stable">download</a> a LiveCD image from the SliTaz mirrors.</p>
43 </li>
45 <li>
46 <strong>14 March 2010 - RC series and Solutionslinux 2010 (Paris)</strong>
47 <p>Since we're getting closer to the next stable release, we have updated the core ISO image to start with a RC series. The Major change is the switch to Midori as the default web browser, this will improve user experience and let us keep SliTaz at 30Mb. Midori is a modern browser powered by the webkit engine - it is fast, simple to use and well integrated with the SliTaz desktop.</p>
48 <p>This updated ISO comes with a bunch of bug and dependency fixes, we have also improved the home made tools and scripts. This new ISO image can be downloaded from the SliTaz mirrors (30 Mb): <a href="">slitaz-cooking.iso</a></p>
49 <p>By the way, the SliTaz project will be at <a href="">Solutionslinux</a> 2010 next week in Paris. You will be able to learn about the project and make contact with members of the association and the development team.</p>
50 </li>
52 <li>
53 <strong>21 February 2010 - New Cooking 20100221</strong>
54 <p>SliTaz contributors are proud to announce a new Cooking version of the LiveCD. This is the last Cooking RC before 3.0 is released. The core ISO image is at 27 MB and comes with many changes and improvments. This Cooking uses Xorg as X server instead of Xvesa and provides full UTF-8 support. With a clean desktop environment, it also provides many applications for daily usage and common tasks. Netsurf replaces firefox as the default web browser. Nevertheless, a Firefox flavor at 29 Mb with sound and wifi support can also be downloaded from the official mirrors.</p>
55 <p>On the updates and improvements side: tazpkg is faster, boot-scripts are updated and home-made toolboxes are improved. Wifibox uses awk for better network scanning. WPA support in the boot scripts have been improved. Boot time is logged for performance measuring. The SliTaz installer will now try to use files from an USB device if no cdrom is found, allow you to create a default user account, set a root password and use a separate /home partition. And finally, LiveCD customization is now much easier: users just have to boot, modify and use writefs via the Tazlito graphical interface or from the command line to generate their own customized CD.</p>
56 <p>As usual, you can <a href="../get/#cooking">download</a> these new flavors from one of the official mirrors of the project and provide feedback on the SliTaz forum.</p>
57 </li>
58 </ul>
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63 <h2>News archives</h2>
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65 Please note that some links may be broken due to website structure
66 changes (mainly the docs that moved to their own domain).
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69 <a href="index.php#archives">Archives by year</a>
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