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RSS Feed is now relayed on Twitter and Facebook (all contributor can use it)
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1 SliTaz Website
2 ================================================================================
5 The SliTaz website is hand made, using PHP and XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Code
6 must follow standards and be validated by the W3C. We have a main index with
7 news, feed parser, Tweets and links to all website languages. Since we Tweet
8 and blog only in English, we display these only on the main page but website
9 news is translated.
12 New version
13 -----------
14 When a new SliTaz version is published the version string must be changed in
15 the configuration file config.php as well as the ISO size.
18 RSS Feed: rss.xml
19 -----------------
20 We have one main RSS feed for the website for short news (max 140 char), the
21 feed is relayed to SliTaz official Twitter account. RSS fedd is check each
22 halt an gour by and let contributors use the official
23 SliTaz account. The Twitter account is also sync with Facebook so any new item
24 will also be on fb.
27 ================================================================================