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2015-02-19 Pascal Bellard get/index.php: add
2015-01-09 Pascal Bellard fr/index.html: Add rolling quick links
2015-01-09 Xander Ziiryanoff ru/index.php: rolling link
2015-01-07 Pascal Bellard typo
2015-01-07 Pascal Bellard typo
2015-01-07 Pascal Bellard Add rolling quick links
2015-01-05 Pascal Bellard 2015
2014-12-21 Pascal Bellard fr: tiny edits
2014-12-21 Christophe Lincoln add fr/support.php and small fixes
2014-12-20 Christophe Lincoln fr: update most pages to latest header/menu
2014-12-20 Christophe Lincoln Remove obsolete link and fix pt/ typo
2014-12-20 Christophe Lincoln Small code fix and up i18n page
2014-12-20 Christophe Lincoln en: Improve support page
2014-12-20 Christophe Lincoln pt: fix header and menu
2014-12-13 Pascal Bellard fr/search.php: tiny edits
2014-12-13 Pascal Bellard fr/search.php: typo
2014-12-13 Pascal Bellard Update search fields
2014-11-22 Pascal Bellard I was told that 4.0 is out...
2014-11-16 Pascal Bellard fix, thanks BrianPerry
2014-06-26 Pascal Bellard may resize qrcode
2014-06-22 Pascal Bellard on demand qrcode script load
2014-05-20 Claudinei Pereira pt: fix sponsorship messages
2014-05-20 Claudinei Pereira pt: announce RC-2 & add specs
2014-05-20 Paul Issott en: edit 5.0 RC-2 release
2014-05-19 Christophe Lincoln Small update to fr
2014-05-19 Christophe Lincoln Announce new SliTaz 5.0 RC2
2014-05-19 Paul Issott en/about: tiny edits
2014-05-19 Christophe Lincoln en/about: add slitaz specifications
2014-05-07 Christophe Lincoln Wron pkgs number update in fr announce
2014-05-05 Paul Issott Add spanish RC-1 announce (thanks Mig Ponce)
2014-05-04 Claudinei Pereira pt: fix messed up characters
2014-05-04 Claudinei Pereira pt: apply new style & general update
2014-05-04 Christophe Lincoln fr: update a few page and small fix
2014-05-04 Christophe Lincoln Add 5.0 rc1 french announce (Thanks Stan)
2014-05-02 Paul Issott en: 5.0 RC1 (tiny edit)
2014-05-02 Christophe Lincoln Mini typo
2014-05-02 Christophe Lincoln Add a menu links to news
2014-05-02 Christophe Lincoln en/news: up all page
2014-05-02 Pascal Bellard 5.0 RC1: fix md5 link
2014-05-02 Christophe Lincoln Up: fr/index.php
2014-05-02 Christophe Lincoln Update config.php
2014-05-02 Christophe Lincoln Announce 5.0 RC1
2014-05-01 Christophe Lincoln Small start for new style in fr/
2014-04-19 Paul Issott en: tiny edits
2014-04-19 Christophe Lincoln Add en/devel/release.php for official release guides and devel info
2014-04-17 Paul Issott en: add title (testing)
2014-04-16 Paul Issott en: tiny edits
2014-04-14 Paul Issott en: an usb -> a usb
2014-04-14 Paul Issott en: tiny edits
2014-04-13 Christophe Lincoln New menu and move to html5 for en/ site + get ready for mobile display
2014-04-13 Christophe Lincoln WARNING: Huge update in the stove, wait untill working on the site
2014-03-29 Paul Issott Edit SliTaz rpi release
2014-03-29 Christophe Lincoln merge
2014-03-29 Christophe Lincoln Announce SliTaz Raspberry Pi release :-)
2014-03-14 Aleksej Bobylev Try to fix lib/lang.php (and again)
2014-03-14 Aleksej Bobylev Try to fix lib/lang.php again
2014-03-13 Aleksej Bobylev Fix lib/lang.php
2014-03-13 Aleksej Bobylev Normalize Russian part of site (translation in progress); try to debug lang.php
2014-02-18 Paul Issott es,pt: tiny edits
2014-02-17 Paul Issott de: tiny edits