flavors log

age author description
2 months ago Pascal Bellard core* : add linux-chromedefault tip
6 months ago Pascal Bellard remove fuse (ntfs-3g installs it)
9 months ago Pascal Bellard Update README date
10 months ago Pascal Bellard core: add exfat-utils
2020-08-19 Pascal Bellard Add plop & linux-mmc in core
2020-04-02 Pascal Bellard core,core64: add linux-zram
2020-02-10 Pascal Bellard core, xorg-light: remove sudoku
2020-02-08 Pascal Bellard core*: add webgames
2019-09-18 Pascal Bellard base64, justx64, gtkonly64 & core64: no 32 bits kernel
2019-09-18 Pascal Bellard Add base64 justx64 & gtkonly64
2019-06-30 Pascal Bellard core*: sort packages.list
2019-06-30 Pascal Bellard core64: add firmware-radeon
2019-06-27 Pascal Bellard core: add firmware-radeon
2019-06-08 Pascal Bellard gtkonly: add alsa-utils
2019-01-12 Pascal Bellard preinit: add ecryptfs-simple package
2018-11-04 Pascal Bellard preinit: add dislocker
2018-03-05 Pascal Bellard preinit: add amd-microcode
2018-03-05 Pascal Bellard preinit: add intel-microcode
2018-02-25 Pascal Bellard base-core*: add memtest
2018-02-23 Pascal Bellard core-5in1: 64bits support not only for core
2018-02-22 Pascal Bellard Add core-5in1
2018-01-25 Aleksej Bobylev Update the year
2017-11-29 Pascal Bellard core, core64, preinit: update packages.list
2017-10-08 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2017-10-01 Pascal Bellard Update index.html
2017-08-16 Pascal Bellard core, core64: add touchscreen drivers
2017-02-14 Christophe Lincoln Add tazirc to 4 main flavors
2016-10-09 Xander Ziiryanoff core64: rm unused libs (gamin,gtkdialog,libXaw)
2016-09-17 Xander Ziiryanoff justx : /etc/xdg/openbox/menu.en.xml : add tazx
2016-07-05 Pascal Bellard core*: remove pciutils
2016-03-15 Pascal Bellard Add locale-ru
2016-03-14 Aleksej Bobylev core, core64: add mate-notification-daemon for Freedesktop notifications
2016-03-13 Pascal Bellard Fix packages.list files
2016-02-04 Aleksej Bobylev Main flavors: update sizes, add slitaz-release(=5.0) and locale.conf
2016-01-30 Xander Ziiryanoff core64: add missing packages (compared with "core": new themes,icons & openssl)
2016-01-28 Aleksej Bobylev Include style.css into index.html; base: update receipt sizes based on current build
2016-01-26 Aleksej Bobylev Update (c) 2016 and update version date to the latest packages.list changes
2016-01-13 Pascal Bellard core*: update sizes
2016-01-13 Pascal Bellard Install midori-video
2015-11-25 Pascal Bellard core-4in1: update ram sizes
2015-11-16 Aleksej Bobylev core, gtkonly: move "desktop-file-utils" above packages with ".desktop" files
2015-11-13 Aleksej Bobylev gtkonly: add hicolor-icon-theme, clearlooks-colors and clearlooks-compact
2015-11-08 Aleksej Bobylev style.css: fix vernada font (thanks Lucas Levrel)
2015-11-07 Aleksej Bobylev Core, gtkonly: change "slitaz-icon" to "slitaz-icons-faenza-dark" theme
2015-10-08 Aleksej Bobylev Core: add openssl to open https:// links with busybox wget
2015-09-14 Aleksej Bobylev Core flavor: default locale is en_US
2015-07-19 Pascal Bellard Add firmware-rtlwifi
2015-06-28 Aleksej Bobylev Add: locale-en
2015-05-15 Pascal Bellard core, core64: libwebkit should be installed *before* yad to get yad-html
2015-04-12 Pascal Bellard Update rootcd/index.html
2015-04-10 Aleksej Bobylev Add console multilingual font "terminus-font-base" (8x14 only) to the base, justx, gtkonly, core flavors.
2015-04-03 Aleksej Bobylev core & gtkonly: upgrade "clearlooks" to "gtk-clearlooks"; core: add "clearlooks-colors" and "clearlooks-compact" themes. This should greatly improve SliTaz appearance.
2015-04-03 Aleksej Bobylev Tiny edits: we grow to 2015 and moved from labs.slitaz.org to bugs.slitaz.org; convert html to HTML5 UTF-8.
2014-11-16 Pascal Bellard preinit: add linux64
2014-10-29 Aleksej Bobylev Add dbus-helper to the flavors.
2014-10-27 Aleksej Bobylev Add gvfs-fuse and gvfs-udisks2 next to gvfs in the flavors.
2014-08-17 Pascal Bellard core64: do not install linux/32 !
2014-05-19 Christophe Lincoln Add temporary 5.0 string so usb key selled in Paris will use stable packages
2014-05-05 Richard Dunbar udisks2 automounts removable drives in pcmanfm
2014-05-02 Christophe Lincoln core: remove temporary adduser.conf
2014-05-01 Christophe Lincoln Add core/rootfs/etc/adduser.conf (last minute fix for rc1)
2014-04-16 Richard Dunbar pcmanfm/gvfs replaces spacefm/udevil
2014-04-13 Christophe Lincoln core: goodbye spacefm and wellcome bak pcmanfm
2014-03-04 Christophe Lincoln jwm: update sytel and menu
2014-02-18 Pascal Bellard justx: fix menu.xml symlink
2014-02-15 Christophe Lincoln core: add back gparted
2014-01-19 Christophe Lincoln Remove rootfs addfiles
2014-01-13 Pascal Bellard Remove kmod
2014-01-08 Christophe Lincoln core: fix file-manager for upcoming cooking
2014-01-05 Christophe Lincoln core: temporary fix Home desktop file since new file-manager dont work
2014-01-05 Pascal Bellard core: add ntfs-3g
2014-01-04 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2014-01-04 Christophe Lincoln kids: small fixes
2014-01-04 Christophe Lincoln kids: Bunch of update and fixes
2014-01-03 Christophe Lincoln Add e17 flavor (to be improved by you ?)
2014-01-03 Christophe Lincoln core: clean-up packages.list, removed some packages (see README) and update receipt = ISO at 38Mb
2014-01-03 Christophe Lincoln gtkonly: small fixes and rm tazpanle (no browser on the flavor)
2014-01-03 Christophe Lincoln gtkonly: clean-up packages list and update receipt
2014-01-03 Christophe Lincoln jwm: improve integration
2014-01-03 Christophe Lincoln jwm: clean-up packages.list - update receipt/doc
2014-01-03 Christophe Lincoln justx: small fix to ob menu
2014-01-03 Christophe Lincoln justx: clean-up packages.list and update receipt
2014-01-03 Christophe Lincoln base: clean-up packages.list - update receipt/doc
2014-01-03 Christophe Lincoln justx: we dont need udevil
2014-01-03 Christophe Lincoln jwm: have a small browser! + misc improvments
2014-01-02 Christophe Lincoln Add a JWM flavor (Example to use different WM than OpenBox)
2014-01-02 Christophe Lincoln justX: fix X session, justX dont have LXDE and need openbox as WINDOW_MANAGER in /etc/slitaz/applications.conf
2014-01-02 Christophe Lincoln use new Openbox autostart script for justx
2013-12-31 Richard Dunbar xorg-light: add lxde to install lxde-session
2013-12-19 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2013-12-19 Pascal Bellard Add core64
2013-10-14 Pascal Bellard replace gpxe by ipxe
2013-07-10 Richard Dunbar gtkonly: update lxpanel config
2013-03-21 Richard Dunbar add tazinst and tazinst-gui to package.lists where applicable
2013-03-16 Richard Dunbar gtkonly: add lxde to start lxde-session
2013-03-16 Richard Dunbar gtkonly: remove lxpanel configs
2013-02-22 Pascal Bellard core: remove intel & nvidia drivers
2013-02-22 Pascal Bellard replace hal+pcmanfm by udevil+spacefm
2013-02-16 Pascal Bellard Add xorg-xf86-video-fbdev
2012-11-12 Pascal Bellard dtp: add firefox, abiword & gnumeric
2012-09-07 Christophe Lincoln core: we need lxde-session now (in lxde meta package)
2012-09-04 Pascal Bellard Depmod is obsolate. Use kmod
2012-05-08 Richard Dunbar firefox: update lxpanel config
2012-05-07 Richard Dunbar firefox: add retawq and sakura
2012-05-04 Pascal Bellard preinit: need gettext.sh
2012-04-30 Richard Dunbar firefox: add tazpanel
2012-04-10 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.0 for changeset d85e7f380587
2012-04-10 Christophe Lincoln Remove xfce buggy flavor4.0
2012-04-10 Christophe Lincoln Add tazbug to core and gtkonly
2012-04-09 Christophe Lincoln fixes
2012-04-09 Christophe Lincoln Add flavor xorg-light
2012-03-24 Christophe Lincoln core: Add sakura so we have an easy to use terminal and move up udev in list (list should NOT be sorted some pkgs depends on installed files, cf cookiso logs)
2012-03-24 Christophe Lincoln gtkonly: update lxpanel configs
2012-03-23 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2012-03-22 Pascal Bellard preinit: remove busybox-static
2012-03-21 Pascal Bellard base, core, gtkonly, justx: add posixovl
2012-03-18 Richard Dunbar gtkonly: add wpa_supplicant
2012-03-15 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Add Proxy (squid + sqduidclamav + SquidGuard + sarg)
2012-03-13 Christophe Lincoln core and devl remove xorg geode driver
2012-03-11 Paul Issott dolibarr: update rootcd