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pankso@912 1 SliTaz Website
pankso@912 2 ================================================================================
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paul@918 5 The SliTaz website is hand made, using PHP and XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Code
paul@918 6 must follow standards and be validated by the W3C. We have a main index with
paul@918 7 news, feed parser, Tweets and links to all website languages. Since we Tweet
paul@918 8 and blog only in English, we display these only on the main page but website
paul@918 9 news is translated.
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pankso@914 12 New version
pankso@914 13 -----------
paul@918 14 When a new SliTaz version is published the version string must be changed in
paul@918 15 the configuration file config.php as well as the ISO size.
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pankso@930 18 RSS Feed: rss.xml
pankso@930 19 -----------------
pankso@930 20 We have one main RSS feed for the website for short news (max 140 char), the
paul@963 21 feed is relayed to SliTaz official Twitter account. RSS feed is checked every
paul@963 22 half an hour by and lets contributors use the official
paul@963 23 SliTaz account. The Twitter account is also sync'd with Facebook so any new
paul@963 24 items will also be on fb.
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pankso@912 27 ================================================================================